Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm Too Old For Retro

I had a chance to go full retro this week. I had a chance to drive a 2003 Ford Thunderbird.  It was the top of the line model with a 280 hp V8 and all the bells and whistles.  I was looking foward to this since my usual ride is a 2004 Honda Element (aka bread truck). A $47,000 280hp luxury two seater  versus a $18,000 160hp utility vehicle.  A nurse from work needed the Element to move since a pizza wouldn't fit in the T-Bird.

The T-Bird only had 60K miles on it yet it rode like the 58 Chevy Impala with 160K miles I had. It was like the old Chevy X frame Flexible-Flyer's I owned. I think it needed some front end work and tires but that couldn't be responsible for the stiff bouncy horrible ride.  The slightest pavement seams caused the back to do this little bunny-hop like my 92 Ram pickup.  The cabin was luxurious although I doubt anyone over 5'9" could fit in it.

Now the good part was the V8 engine that took up every square inch under the hood. In Sport Mode it would leave rubber in second gear.  It was like a jet engine strapped to a go-kart, too bad the frame and suspension came from the Edsel.  The car also is a great looker.  The styling does turn heads and get smiles; I'm sure it would drive the ladies in the assisted-living facility crazy.

It's not completely retro, it does lack the failing brakes, flat tires, flooded carburetor, overheating, stalling and sloppy steering of a true 50's car.  The nurse wants to sell it to me for 10K (that's 9k below Blue Book).  Then I would lose the luxury feel of an Element.  I would no longer blend in with the Carolla's and Accords.  When my neighbor saw it in my driveway she asked if I got a promotion at work. Like many things our desire for retro isn't based in reality.  Still the idea of my old 1961 Ford Falcon with a 4.3 liter V8 makes me tremble. Someone please stop me before I  write the check!


Babba Gi said...
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CP said...

I have to admit, that car looked super good in the driveway!

D- said...

Its made by FORD. If you ain't fixin it, its rusting out from under you.
Buy a'64 Stingray, GTO, or anything but a FORD product.

Aunt Mary said...

Buy it, drive it up here, and give me a ride in it!