Sunday, September 18, 2005

Church Work Day

We had a church work day this Saturday. Since Ben is back in college we couldn't send him as our proxy. It's hard to hide in a church of 20 regular members. Carol made new curtains for the sanctuary so we had to hang 7 new curtain rods. It took us about 3 hours to hang the curtains. Then the pastor went out to get lunch and returned with 30 tacos and 20 burritos, just enough to feed 10 people North Carolina style. After lunch we had to hang 2 large pictures in the sanctuary. One of these was that favorite of Carol and Annie. You guessed it: "Footprints". Wel,l we got done about 2:30 and we were wiped out. Even the kids were tired from painting. While all us amateurs were working one of the members, a man about 60 years old who builds houses, came in and installed a new wood floor in the lobby and hallway. It took him about two hours to finish the job while it took the other 9 people 6 hours to hang 7 curtain rods, paint 3 closets install a door closer and hang two pictures. I guess that's why we don't build houses. Melba, the official church grandmother took over Ben's spot on the riding mower. After mowing 3 acres in the North Carolina sun she required an extra shot of insulin before the taco feast. Yep, you can't hide in a small church. It may not seem like much but about a year ago the church was down to about 4 people and about to close its doors.

It has been so nice the last two weeks here. I think the extreme heat of the summer is fading. We went 20 miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mount Pisgah (5,000 ft.) and hiked a little and took some pictures. The parkway will still be open thru Thanksgiving and is a nice scenic route to the "Tree Top Hideaway" in Maggie Valley where the Thanksgiving Gala will he held.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo, Baba. Still hoping we can make it to your Thxgiving shin-dig.

Anonymous said...

Great pic.

Sounds like they finally got ya "Workin fer the Lord."

Only 20 people. Thats just five more than what makes it legal in NY state to have a church.

Come Thanksgiving you can open your own church and live tax free.
Just sign us all up as members and there you go.