Friday, September 16, 2005

Why I French Kissed Dating Goodbye

I would like to thank the blogger (M) for helping Babba get out of his posting rut. I have a problem with self-help books, ever since I read "Looking Out for Number One". Now there is something mankind really needs help with. What is with all this "Christian" self help tripe that's taking over Christian Bookstores and forcing the bibles and commentaries into a little corner near the time clock? So Josh Harris kissed dating goodnight and put it to bed or did something else with it. I kissed dating goodbye for awhile and didn't feel the need to write a book and share the experience. What is the big deal? You obviously date someone you are attracted to on some primal level. After that you hope they appeal to your mind a bit. NO, you don't date someone you can't see yourself with-- that's obvious. Why do these guru's make everything so spiritual and complicated and wierd? I took a class in college called Christianity and Sex. What can I say, the pottery class was full and I needed 3 credits. It took guts just to sign up for this class. I thought it would either be full of geeks or pervs. It really wasn't too bad and the only point I remember was that the teacher said don't try to spiritualize romance. Now we have people writing books telling people that God has created one person in the universe just for them. These poor souls wonder if they take a taxi instead of the #6 bus they might miss that person and be doomed to a home for transient men; just playing cards and waiting for someone to bring them CheezWiz. I agree that you shouldn't date someone like a satanist or serial killer if you can't see yourself marrying them. Girls date with the the goal of finding Mr. Right. Guys, however, until they've decided to get married avoid Mrs. Right like the plague. The same authors that have made childrearing a new sacrament have turned thier misguided gaze on the singles scene. After all, they have more disposable income. Yeah, they are going to tell you all the secrets. It seems like time has stood still or has even gone backwards. It's like we have gone back to the fabulous 50's where everyone has the same goals, desires and ambitions. Besides the obvious, just wanting to sell a book and make a buck (without a lot of heavy lifting) these authors are trying to justify themselves to themselves. Face it; people who have good marriages, good kids and a lot of fun dates don't write books. They realize it all came about without striving. The hardest thing I ever did was attend a small group that studied the series "Raising Kid's God's Way". For ten weeks I had to sit there and watch a video tape while my left eye kept twitching because I wanted to scream "This is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!"; and I had to pay $20 for the book. Just thinking about it makes blood shoot out my nose. Next time you're in a Christian book store and feel the need for some self-help buy a Bible. If you're not into the Bible than go next door and pick up a MAD magazine; it won't screw you up as much as Why I Kissed Dating Goodnight.


thomas said...

I can't fathom why people even go into xtian bookstores anymore. Xtian self-help? Seems more like God-in-a-box or using the cross as crutch to me.

Aunt Dot said...

I agree with you Tom. (And I got a big roar out of what "the grinding meat wheel" wrote!)

On of my favorite verses that can be applied to any subject, and perhaps, especially this matter, is I John 2:27: "And as for you, the annointing which you have received from Him, abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you; but as His anointing teaches you concerning *all things* and is true and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, abide in Him."

When we go with the anointing within us, we're abiding in Him. Praise the Lord!

Marianne said...

Once again, Babba hits pay dirt!

"Girls date with the the goal of finding Mr. Right. Guys, however, until they've decided to get married avoid Mrs. Right like the plague."

I'm so sick of all of the voo-doo Christian "God will bring the right person into my life in His time." Yes, I suppose in some cosmic way that everything does happen in God's time. He wouldn't be God otherwise. But when the world is tearing itself apart at the seams, when 600 people can be trampled to death on an Iraqi bridge and 2 million Americans were just forced to move to higher ground for who knows how many months, I don't think MY dating life matters that much in the grand scheme of history. People have been doing this (dating) for about 5,000 years that we know of, how come we're the generation that suddenly needs a manual?
I Kissed Dating Goodbye translated into an Amish-esque gender divide among people aged 17-25 right now. In fifty years sociologists will right a study on "The Wallflower Generation: Or, Why 2 Million People Stayed Home Saturday Night." Don't look at me to be praying to my Saint of Singleness for Fedexk to bring my man, I'll be out with my friends while G says, "Hmmmm, how about that one?" and points to some cretin who may just be Mr. Right.

Anne said...

ha ha ha ha ha. All books like this should be retitled, "Do It the Way I Did It" or "God Only Does Things One Way"

Hey, Babba, I did the Growing Kids thing--but only through babyhood. I liked the scheduling part--as opposed to demand feeding, etc., where life revolves around baby. When they got to the part about your kids asking "May I appeal?" I LOL