Monday, September 05, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas

I spent sixty hours in Las Vegas and I need to take the edge off. In 1976 I purchased 5 acres of land in Pahrump Nevada, 50 miles S.W. of Vegas. This place consisted of a land office, a post office and a few alfalfa farms. They didn't even have a school; the kids were bused 25 miles to Shoshone, Ca. to go to school. I paid $6,000 for 5 acres of prime bottom land which consisted of rocks, sage brush and lizards. When Carol first saw the property she was greeted by a bleached skull of a cow and a rattle snake. Being the speculator that I am I held on to it till 91 when I sold it for $18,000 to pay off my Toyota 4-Runner. Now Pahrump, this former watering hole for the 20 mule team borax wagons from Death Valley is a bedroom community of Vegas. A thousand 2,900 sq. foot homes have replaced the 8 single wide trailers that used to make up Pahrump. That little parcel of land that I purchased for $6,000 can't be had now for half a mil. The place has a Wal-Mart Super Store! What do these people do out there? I guess they commute to Vegas where the price of a tract home on 0.1 acres is $600,000. I am going to empty my IRA's and sell all my assets and try to purchase an acre there. In a year I'm sure it will be worth a billion.


Aunt Dot said...

Yep! Vegas is the hot spot now! People from Orange County (our 28 y.o. ex-neighbor included) actually move there, make money on whatever it is they buy, in order to afford to move back here to be near to their family (who bought when prices were low).

It's crazy!!

Anonymous said...

it is crazy! who spends that much money to visit their own family?!