Friday, November 04, 2005

Babba-Gi Goes Digital

After a 2 month investigation I have purchased a Palm Pilot. I always laughed at people with their Day-Planners and post-it notes, but I now realize the hard-drive in my head is full. The main reason I need one is for work. My pocket size drug reference guide has gotten bigger every year to the point it won't fit in my pocket. When I put it in my clip-board along with my secret syringes of deadly drugs and my snacks it makes for one heavy clip board. Now I can carry a drug reference, a couple of anesthesia texts, the Bible, and all my appointments. Let's see: in January I have to go to my family doctor and the opthamologist. Besides those two things my dance card is empty. I didn't go nuts and get the PDA with Earth Link, digital camera,GPS, cell phone, plasma T.V. and juicer. It does have game capability and an MP-3 player so I can stay awake in these long boring surgeries. I always made fun of people who carried books around in the O.R.; they were rookies who didn't know how to give anesthesia. Now I'm one of them. 25 years ago when I started doing this the PDR (Physicians Drug Reference) was about 2 inches thick. Now the PDR is as fat as the Websters Dictionary @ the library and you get a hernia lifting it off the shelf. The whole PDR will only use 8.3 MB's of my 256 MB SD card.
So I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the information age. Babba will soon give up his old red-neck palm pilot (pictured above) which has served me so well for years.


Marianne said...

you crack me up! Like this line: I didn't go nuts and get the PDA with Earth Link, digital camera,GPS, cell phone, plasma T.V. and juicer
hey, put me in your schedule--"Pick up Marianne at airport."

Aunt Dot said...


If you're going to write the name of the eye doctor, spell it right: OPHTHALMOLOGIST (you forgot the "H" -- sorry, I know, I'm bad, I'm boring 'n stuff, but spelling that word correctly is a pet peeve of mine....

You go Babba -- and get the beer --and don't forget to p/u Marianne Arlene:-D.

A. Dot

Anonymous said...

I think if you can break down and use a palm pilot, Frank can break down and use his atm card. :) M-

(Don't forget Marianne at the airport)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the old palm pilot. I see them used a lot at work. Working in a group of buildings such as mine, one never knows when to shut it down or leave it on. Security reasons, some areas are full goverment security and other areas aren't.
I think if I were in an area 90% of the time that didn't have the restrictions as they do, I would get one as well.

As far as Frank NOT using the ATM card, I've only had the ATM machine EAT the card once. I had a new one within days.

(You can write that on your "flesh colored" palm pilot.)
: )

Anonymous said...

Dear Meat Wheel, wow, next thing you know you'll be getting a Blackberry.


P.S. donna forget to pick up Marianne.

Aunt Dot said...

By the way, the U.F. is a "techo." He very well knows how to take money out of ATM's -- he's just a little rusty on the depositing side.

That's 'cause he hands over the checks!

thomas said...
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