Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Snow Alert

Western North Carolina is bracing for the worst snow storm ever. We may get an inch of the deadly stuff. It's only an inch; but its the worst inch ever! They are already announcing school closings and emergency plans. We expect FEMA to roll in tomorrow and President Bush to visit our ravaged region on Friday. I am including a pictture of our house and snow covered cars. If you look close you may see one of those deadly flakes. It only takes one to cause a deadly accident. Well before the snow gets too deep and they close the parkway I'm going to take one more motorcycle ride. Kaaabboooom!


Anonymous said...

Do you miss Garrett County yet?

lol - my parents are about to embark on their third storm of the season. Careful not to get hit by any snowflakes! They contain radiation and other evils, you know, that's why the whole region has to shut down for them.

Couldn't resist.

Happy Turkey Day!
Abbie G

Aunt Dot said...

Awesome! Great pics!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

i like your helmet

Anonymous said...

Forget the helmet, give me the bike!
I'll be expecting you to get another cycle. You'll be able to ride all year round down south.