Sunday, May 14, 2006

The "Chronicles of Bo"

Bo has settled in well. As you can see we have already trained him to stay off the couch (that thing hanging from his mouth is a pigs-ear). I think he is mat trained because he prefers to pee on the bath mats. Today he had his first poop. After 3 near misses in the living room ( he circles three times) he became so F.O.S. that he pooped on the morning walk; right on the sidewalk. I didn't want to stop him because at least it was outside. Last night we put him in his crate for bed. The crate is in our bedroom. He cried for about 10 minutes and then slept through the night. I know he was hoping to be there right between us. Bo is the star of the neighborhood. Housewives are coming out in their flannel pajamas to meet him, and toddlers are standing naked in front of their glass storm doors to catch a glimpse of the new resident. A little excitement yesterday when we walked into a swarm of bee's. It was like something from the discovery channel. Bo being the protective terrier he is, rushed down the street to warn two women walking strollers of the danger ahead. Yes it is Bo the wonder dog; we wonder when he is going to poop again.


Anonymous said...

Did you pick up the doo-doo your pooch left on the sidewalk? The laws here demand owners pick up their animal droppings even if its in someone else's yard.


Anonymous said...

Babba: He is so cute. I might actually like a dog like that. does he shed?

Anonymous said...

that's me. Annie

Babba-Gi said...

He does not shed. After a bath and a brushing two hairs came off. He will shed your wallet. Bo's sperm cost $200. His brothers and sisters sold for $1,800 a piece. We got Bo for $500 because he is a blem; not show quality. When he stands at attention his rear legs are a two straight so his rump is 3mm higher than shoulders. The breeder said he was "high in the rear". I thought it might mean he was GAY. But it doesn't. He was sold as a limited registry and neutered to keep the breed perfect. I'm trying to think of a way to get that high priced sperm out of him. Perhaps a needle.
There are about a dozen breeds that don't shed. I know poodles don't.