Sunday, May 07, 2006

A dog named Garfield

We started looking for our new dog. The avg. dog in our neighborhood cost about $2,000. Now we don't pay that kind of money for any dog; I wouldn't care it pooped nickels. So we went to the Asheville animal shelter and took a look at the local homie's. There was a cute 4 mo. old Grey Hound/ Jack Russel mix with one broken ear. A lot of these dogs are "blems". Her name was Flopsy. Flopsy is no longer on the web site. I hope someone adopted her and she didn't wind up in the hypobaric chamber. I was thinking that perhaps the calm nature of the Greyhound would balance out the Jack Russel mania. Then there was this dog "Asaka", the one pictured . I thought she was pretty good. Kind of wild but she did meet the one requirement that drives this search; she was 30 lbs. The Nazi's who run the association have made a 40 lb. weight limit for the new members. They have a secret sidewalk square that weighs your dog when you walk it and sends the result to the association main frame. Occasionally you will see some dog running around in a rubber suit, trying to make weight. Asaki has her nose pushed against the cage. That's why she looks like she has a cleft palate.

Then we went to Pet-Smart for their Adoption Day. There Carol spotted Whitey. Whitey (whose picture is in my cell phone) is Carol's type of dog. A lump. We trotted her over to the scale and she weighed in at 39 lbs. A real porker. She looked to me like she was medicated. She seemed to me to be saying to herself " four more hours at this dumb Pet-Smart adoption day and I can get back to my foster home for some viddles and a nap". The three old ladies running the adoption fair were sure putting the pressure on. They said someone earlier wanted her and was going to return later after talking to her husband; yeah, right. They mention what a smooth soft coat Whitey had as I brushed a clump of hair off my jeans. We got to waddle with Whitey all around Pet-Smart. Yeah I didn't think the Calender Girls were going to let us out of the store without taking "white lightning" with us.

So the quest for the perfect under 40 lb. dog continues. I'm just not ready to start walking a dog that resembles an "ottoman with four paws". Not after having a dog like Simba.


Marianne said...

Don't take down this post!!!
Here's a comment, from ME! Your faithful reader and BIGGEST (not literally) fan.

D-55 said...

Aw, what the heck! Get the one you've got pictured here on the blog. The teeth are nice and bright! Her coat appears smooth and soft. Maybe she would even fit in the kayak with you when you go to the lake.