Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Bo Chronicles

The potty training has been going great. Carol calls me at work to let me know of the latest victory. We tried to cut Bo's nails today. We only got one paw done when he went nuts. We will come back and fight that battle another day. He had a bath. He wanted to jump right over my shoulder. We got him one of those 16 foot retractable leashes, but he kept chewing on it while he walked so back to Wal-Mart it went. Bo had a long walk today which knocked him out. By the time we got done his tongue was hanging out 6 inches. He is still really scared of bicycles and scooters. Well in a few minutes his trainer Marianne will arrive. Sort of like Nanny 911.

Oh crap! Bo just tossed his breakfast in Ben's room.


Anonymous said...

Were you driving in the car and having "poochie" run along? Lazy New Yorkers do that to take there hounds for a "run".

Seems to me that I remember you looking in the mirror for a certain black dog as we were leaving Utah. You kept looking expecting to see it running full out trying to catch the "Yello Rider".


babba-gi said...

We did clock Bandit @ 35 mph in Carol's old Duster. We measured his tonque after and it hung out 10 inches. We have much more class now. We will probably get an electric treadmill for Bo. Along with his own personnal trainer.