Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello Canada

Just a mere 900 miles from Fletcher you find Misty Isles Lodge. We spent a night in Hazelton Pa.; to break up the trip. We went out to a restaurant with a piano bar that was straight out of the. Blues Bothers. I was dressed for the occasion in my old torn up sailing shirt. But they did serve us and I only tossed two shrimps into Carol's mouth from the other side of the table. Customs was easy. The North Country is pretty dead. Maybe it's the price of gas. My first cast with a spinner got me a 3 lb. large mouth bass. I've caught about 26 bass so far but Carol the die-hard night crawler has only caught a few. Carol so far has caught the biggest bass about 4 lbs with a worm. It's been cold @ night, down in the 9 degree range. We kayaked to Landou Bay this morning and a huge Pike (about 30 inches) jumped out of the water in front of my kayak. The exchange rate is $1.09 Canadian for every greenback so with the GAT Tax things are no longer cheaper here. The great Canadian BOGO sale is over. Time to go and put a few more brats on the grill and later go to hockey.

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