Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bo: The Saga Continues

Bo is doing great. That was until the other night when he pooped right in front of us in the living room. I blame it on the sudden change to Sam's "Old Roy" kibble. We finally ran out of the Eukanuba fancy feast he came with. I prefer the Old Roy for its low gas features. When I tried the IAMS with Simba the gas was so bad it would wake me up from a sound sleep on the couch. He still has about two episodes a day when he turns into A.D.D. dog. I have included a pictures of him under our bed flushing out a cricket. Also there is a picture of him by the back door trying to act like a WELCOME mat. Together Carol and I have read about 12 books on dog training; and now we are more confused than ever. It was easy with Simba because she was so submissive. All it took was one dirty look and her ears went back, the tail was between her legs and she slinked away like an inmate on death row.

Our mini heat wave and drought seems to have broken. It was in the 90's last week and it hasn't rained in a month so I was forced to water my lawn. Then last Saturday I decided to go kayaking early before it got hot and we go to the lake near our house @ 0645 and it is closed. We wait till 0715 and then figure it must not open till 0800. By that time it's already getting hot and since the lake water temp is about 89 degrees (from the power plant) combined with being sealed in the kayak with a neoprene skirt you have the potential to become a poached egg. But this week it's a seasonal 76 degrees again.

My mom has been sprung from the Filipino Jail which was her personal-care home. Mom is at a new nursing home in Pahrump, Nevada just a quarter mile from my sister's new ranch. Pahrump is about 55 miles west of Vegas. I owned 5 acres there 16 years ago when it was a watering hole for the Twenty Mule Teams hauling borax out of Death Valley. I made a killing on that property when I sold it for $18,000. to pay off my 4-Runner. Now it's worth half a mil. They would give you an acre of land in Pahrump with the purchase of a new car when I lived there in the early 70's. They just finished building a 400 bed hospital there so maybe we will retire there with the rest of the senior citizen lizards.

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Anonymous said...

Little dogs will be just "little dogs". I wish you well with your vast knowledge on how to train this one! Challange or not, He's doomed to mind his beeswax. He'll probably get good and spoiled in the process too.

Retirement?? You?? Never!! Especially to a Nursing Home... NO WAY!!! Unless that "Home" would have wheels, I can NEVER see you tied down to one of those nursing facilities. You're too special to be bound to one of those "Nursing Homes". Have wheel chair will travel! : )