Monday, June 26, 2006

Beer Fest

Reporting on the Ganonoque Rib-Fest. I think they sold 50lbs of ribs and 10,000 litres of beer. We had pulled pork sandwiches; each one had about a pound of pork. Alot of the hot bands from Kingston showed up for a battle of the bands. It was like Canadian Idol on crack. Yes, Grace Slick is alive and well in Ontario.

The bass attack has waned but I did catch two pike last night. One was 26 inches long. I landed him on my ultra-light spinning rod with 4 lb. test line. Someone had to show me how to get him off the hook; he had teeth like a cat.

We are going to kayak a small lake we discovered about 20 clicks North of Ganonogue. We saw the lake on a map and then set out to find it. It was at the end of a 3 km single lane dirt road. No sign or nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Did they have the light colored English ale? That goes good with lamb and bisquits.

I'm surprized you didn't do up the fish.