Monday, September 18, 2006

Tesla Roadster

The second practical electric car is named after a famous Polack, Nikolai Tesla who discovered alternating current and electrified this nation. If we had to count on Thomas Edison we would have a power plant located on every block. Anyway, that's just some ethnic pride sneaking in. Back to the subject.

The new electric car: charges in 3.5 hours
has a carbon fiber body
zero to sixty in 4 seconds
top speed 130 mph
250 miles per charge
electric induction motor (no brushes)

This is way more advanced than the EV-1. It costs $ 89,000 but this is for a roadster. Tesla plans to build a cheaper four door sedan. I'm thinking my Honda Element may be the last internal combustion engine I buy. Between the Honda quality and the mild N.C. climate it may last me 10 more years. You can read about it at: http//

Let them Arabs drink their oil.

2 comments: said...

I have to say, i like this car. It is developed in partnership with Lotus, so it should be a good handling car. Not to mention it look much better than any other wind-up car. What you didnt mention, is the 3.5 hour charge time is with the modified adapter in your house. If you travel to a distant (250 or less) relation, you will have to allow 33 hours of recharge time with a normal 120-volt plug. I dont think the rag-heads are calling for a gehod(?) over this one yet!

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh, babba, looks like you've found some competition here! M-