Sunday, July 22, 2007

High Carb Christianity

We did the Sunday School duck-out again. This time it was CP, MP, and Babba. This new church has been open a couple of months and is located in a renovated 80 year old feed store. Hence the name. What greeted us was a mountain of Panera's left over bagels, bread and pastries. We arrived starving, having been subsisting on weak Baptist Sunday School java. After about twenty minutes of carb-loading the service began and it was very laid back and informal. The message was really focused and relevant. We left with two bags full of bagels and bread. The coffee was hot, strong and there was plenty of it.

I'll skip all those pesky questions about doctrine. The important thing is that they had well lit fire exits with panic bars and emergency lighting.


Anonymous said...

A Christian Honky-Tonk, wonder who will be discovered there? You should start a Honda Element Ministry complete with shirts that say "4WD for Jesus"! Keep throwing that seed brother babba.

Mountain Man

Marianne said...

I realized today, that thanks to Feed & Seed, I have daily bread, literally, this week :-) Today's bagel was delish

aannie said...

Sounds like an interesting place. Nothing's worse for some people than a church that doesn't "feel" like a church. Glad to see you're so adaptable.

Are you looking to leave the Baptists?

Babba-Gi said...

Leaving means you were a member. We went there on the rebound and haven't made up our minds about the church. Our S/S class is really good but in the regular services we feel like we are guests at another family's reunion. We can't get past the Hi!/Bye phase. So for now we will do the "one ass riding two horses". We will go to S/S with the Baptists and then go to Feed and Seed. Having been in a couple of really great churches can make one very discerning.

aa said...

One phase of church hopping in 23 years of marriage was plenty for me. Best wishes on your search.