Saturday, July 14, 2007

Honda Element Monster Truck

CP's Honda Element now has almost 40K miles on it, and it needs a set of tires. It has an unpopular tire size so you can't expect to find 4 tires on the rack at your neighborhood tire store. Being a CB I ordered 4 Dunlop tires for $408 at Sam's Club. A week later Sam's calls and my tires are in, so I run down and have them put on. Well, when I left I checked to make sure that each wheel had four lug nuts and a wheel lock, then took off. Once I was home I noticed the tire tread looked pretty aggressive for an SUV that is basically a car. It seems that instead of the touring tires I ordered they put on Moose-Trax All Terrain tires. The vehicle seems to ride slightly higher and they are just a bit noisier. So it's back to Sam's in Hooterville. It took about an hour to get this straightened out! In this age of bar-codes and computers I had to follow the tire guy from tire center to the return counter, and together we waited till the clerk (after calling 3 managers) was able to put $471.70 cash in my hand which I carried back to the tire center and along with $17 more out of my wallet covered the cost of the correct tires. The funny thing is that the light truck tires I mistakenly got were better tires than the ones I wound up with for more money. Hopefully I'll get my tires in another week. In the meantime this CB feels like taking a quick 6,000 mile trip to L.A. on these borrowed tires. I can't see having these All-Terrain tires here in Asheville where we get an inch of snow a year.

Oh, I forgot: CP wants to move to Wisconsin.

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