Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Restaurant Avoidance

Along with the trailer scam I also developed a system for saving money on food while traveling. First I attack the free breakfast buffet and leave with a travel mug of coffee and some fruit. Then, it's onto the Interstate for a quick 200 mile start on the trip. Then about noon I start looking for a Denny's. If I'm lucky we will cover another 4 states and 400 miles till we finally see the billboard for Denny's in Asheville. Since we are only ten miles from home we may as well just go home and have CP make dinner. CB strikes again.

This last trip CP nagged the CB into stopping in Johnson City Tenn. Just 90 miles from Asheville. We ate at a Perkins and the pancakes where surprisingly good. Now, not as good as a Denny's Pterodactyl Egg Sandwich. No one can beat Denny's coffee either. Come to think of it the parking lot in Perkins was a little small for my car and trailer. Wait, I have tried to find where the Denny's are located before we travel. If you want to find where a Denny's is on the website you have to enter in a zip code. Who knows what the zip code for Pigs Knuckle Arkansas is? Before the inter-net Denny's had a little directory available at the cashiers counter listing all their locations. This is from a past era, a time when telephones where answered by people, not computers.

Next Babba the CB will discuss his efforts to reduce the family's carbon footprint.


Anonymous said...


Carol's boyfriend.



jondale said...

I know what it stands for...just one of the things one learns when spending a weekend in NC.

I don't want to write it though.

Babba said...

I was going to comment on what it stands for while at work today, but I was afraid to on my hospital lap-top

AA said...

cheap bastard?

Babba-Gi said...

I am shocked! I'm mortified. CB stands for "careful buyer". I'm highly offended.

Aunt Dot said...

Annie, you're awesome!

Don't worry about Babba...He'll get over it:-)

jondale said...

I'm hoping AC told AA what it means as questions of what is in the air in Ohio start to present themselves in my mind.