Thursday, November 08, 2007

After the shopping comes the food.

After the shopping in Savannah it was off to "Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House". This is the place listed in I,OOO PLACES TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE. This is southern cooking at its finest. There are no reservations; you just line up outside. They seat you at a large table with 10 other people and you just start passing the dishes around. It's a regular southern style bacchanal . When you're done you carry your dishes to the kitchen. I preferred their fried chicken to Paula Deen's; it wasn't as greasy. Seated next to us was a flight attendant on a sixteen hour layover , she recommended our next stop; Hyman's Seafood Restaurant in Charleston S.C.


Aunt Dot said...

Looks like the Thanksgiving meal arrived a couple of weeks early for you two!

aannie said...

OMG! We've eaten at Hymans every time we've been in Charleston. It's the best!! Looks like a joint but mouth-wateringly fabulous fish. Fish of every make and model fixed, I think, 3 different ways. It's yummylicious! Go there and have a hushpuppy on us.