Friday, November 23, 2007

Cabin vs. Condo

Maybe it's the fall in real estate prices, or the looming collapse of the global economy, or the fact that the peso is worth more than the U.S. dollar but houses are looking affordable. I was looking at houses in Flat Rock, about 15 miles south. I'm conflicted about becoming a home owner again. I really am not a house worshiper. It would make sense to get a place and just kind of "let it go". But being a C.B. who grew up in his own private depression, I have trouble not maintaining things. Optimistically, I may be around another twenty years. By then if I haven't fallen off my perch I'll probably be in some assisted living facility being taken care of by some Jamaican nurse that CP will hate, but who I'll call Mama.

Flat Rock is a real popular hang out for rich seniors. It's the kind of place where you see a lot of Grandpa Bill cars. Lumbering Grand Marquis going 20 mph with their blinkers on. Late at night you can see shiny Crown Vic's slipping through the fog trolling for widows. After visiting MP I have become enamored by the "benign neglect " style of architecture. All the new homes I see are of the "modern vulgarian" style, or "fake-fancy" as CP refers to them. So I'm thinking maybe I should get a quaint older home and just let it rot out from under me.

Last night we had a little party with the neighbors. It was an eclectic bunch of Yankee transplants. This made me think that perhaps the isolation of the country is not that great. A lot of geezers have a tendency become isolated. I am such a people person, I may have to reconsider. Is it OK to take the lamp shade off my head now?

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