Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hi-Pro Bo

Bo was happy eating Purina Beneful (healthy weight-lean cusine). Then I heard of a free trial offer for Purina One. The commercial raves about how your dog will have more energy, a glossier coat and stronger bones, etc. Now formerly our dogs thrived on Wal-Mart's Old Roy dog food. However, at obedience class I was embarrassed to admit that I fed this bargain basement swill to Bo.

So I got my free 4 lb. bag of Purina One. Yes, I took the Purina One challenge. Now I have a dog that acts like he's on crack. It's like Bo is 8 months old again. I can't wait till I use this up and get "Slow, Low-Pro, AARP" Bo back.


u.f. said...

You forgot the disclosure statement that you are a paid spokesman for Purina. :-)

M- said...

Would that stuff work for me?

Babba-Gi said...

I'm not going there.

Marianne said...

Bo was far too energetic on that new food.

Bo needs a dog food with little valium pellets in it. Or even turkey for that triptophan (sp?) stuff!