Monday, September 01, 2008

Marianne is going to France and all I get is this dumb hat!

I was feeling so good a few minutes ago; now I see that MP is leaving. This isn't a home, it's a Youth Hostel. Along with all this, I'm now sleeping in the living room because of a leaky roof.
It's all to much for me, I have to lie down. I just saw MP put the black bra in her suitcase.

This is Dreidal. She is a ten month old Welsh Terrier up for adoption. This means she probably has more psychological problems than me. I really don't think a new little sister will get me out of my funk; I just like the toy she's holding in her mouth.


M- said...

How much of this is really about Bo?

I miss her already!

D said...

I think, now that MA is leaving, and Babba has more time on his hands, Babba should start a new business and call it;

Aunt Dot said...

**You're good're really good.** Spoken in the same tone as Robert De Niro when he was talking to his psychiatrist, Billy Crystal, in "Analyze This." :-)