Sunday, September 07, 2008

Last Rose Of Summer

It is the first week of September, yet things are still blooming. MP's garden is yielding a cornucopia of pointy tomatoes and miniature purple peppers. We are still sleeping in the living room while the insurance companies and condo association bicker over who's going to pay for the repairs.

CP had an audition in Asheville yesterday so I went along and we brought Bo. Bo did his best to imitate the nervous pumpkin toy. Bo isn't used to urban noise, of which Asheville has an abundance. On any Saturday in Asheville the streets are full of poets, musicians, biker gangs, big buses , dancing stoned-out hippies, twenty year old adolescents on BMX bikes, strollers etc. The audition lasted 2 hours so by the time we were done Bo was a wreck. Every time I went to put a quarter in the parking meter Bo tried to jump in the car window.

I think I overheated my i-Pod during one of my sun bathing sessions. It played but the screen was just a a bunch of shaky lines. I called BP and he told me it was toast, which is what I expected. I did my usual quick fix; slam it on the desk a few times and try to reformat it. Nothing seemed to work but today it worked just along enough for me to get my stuff back on it and I thought it was fixed, but now the screen is blank again. Basically without the screen it's a big i-Pod Shuffle like CP's. I can't stand her Shuffle because you have to hunt for the music you want. I'm pretty i-Pod dependant so I'll probably get a refurbished 3rd generation Nano. I can't stand this throw away society. Maybe I'll try soaking it in WD-40.


M- said...

That rose is perfect. That pic needs to be on my desktop.

annie said...

Now Babba, Laura's went through the washer and dryer and it works just fine. Surely you can leave it alone for a few days and let it cool off or whatever it needs to be left alone to do. Of course, Laura's only worked after 3 weeks once her youth pastor prayed for it.

Nice rose.

D said...

Refurbished is good.... too bad those toys are so expensive.

WD-40 isn't quite anointing oil. Maybe you could have an anointed prayer cloth mailed to you from Laura's youth pastor. Well... maybe not!

I think your growing season will continue for many more weeks yet. That rose is beautiful. Enjoy the fruits of MA's labor!

CP said...

Hold on, there, Kahuna!! That rose bush is 100% the fruit of Mrs. Babba's labor!!!

Elizabeth said...

Put your iPod in the freezer.