Saturday, October 04, 2008

Black Friday, "The Day The Music Died"

Friday Oct. 3rd. 2008, the day Congress passed the bail out and shredded our constitution. Not since the Weimar Republic, has a government manufactured such an enormous panic in order to seize individual freedom and property. The looters are close to seizing half the economy and ensuring that they have a majority of non-taxpaying voters. The next goal of the looters is to give us "Fannie Mae" health care and "Freddie Mac" energy.

"I'm only here to help you."

Mark Levin's
Anatomy of a bail out:
Homeowners want protection from their own bad judgment.
Investors want protection from market forces.
The old want free medicine.
The young want free schooling.
The unemployed want jobs and money.
The rich want money in their pockets .
The poor are never satisfied.

Is there anyone left in this country who isn't trying to get something for nothing?

In "Atlas Shrugged "the producers all fled to a secret island where they created a paradise of success and industry. The Looters were left behind in their collectivist hell and wondered why nothing functioned anymore.

I'm looking at Costa Rica. My Scots-Irish relatives didn't emigrate here to bow their knee to another Lord.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We just can back from the Public Market. I asked the butcher how much for the hog's head so I could mail one each My Senators, Schumer, Clinton, and House member, Kuhl. They embraced the Pork, they may just as well have the head too.


Thomas said...

Babba, help! I've got a stalker on my blog...and he's a moral relativist!