Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does This Camper Make Me Look Fat?

I was looking for a pop-up to pull behind my Honda Element. Now the Element has a towing capacity of 1,000 lbs. This leaves me with a choice of a few HOT WHEELS size models. If only it could tow 300 lbs. more I'd have a choice of pop ups with full amenities. This Alite model seems pretty nice.

A couple of years ago Dodge came out with a new van, the Sprinter. It has a 3 liter Mercedes diesel that gets 22 mpg. I thought that would make a great camper. A company in California beat me to it. The Sprinter van with the conversion costs about $58,000. I'm thinking if Obama wins this may become an option. No more pesky real estate taxes to support the failing school system. In a couple of years Fed-Ex and UPS will be selling off their used Sprinters; ooohh project!

Now I have to convince CP that all three of us would be happy living in a van.


jondale said...

Maybe you could pick a spot down by the river.

D said...

Buy a boat big enough to live in. All you'd have is dock fees to pay. They do that here in Rochester. I had an old split window VW bus that some guy bought from me and that is where he lived year round... on his sailboat.

Anonymous said...

A winter spent on a boat on Lake Ontario; I'll check with my travel agent.