Friday, April 10, 2009

Kahuna Beware

The Fast and the Furious is on her way to Rochester. The Subie owner does not authorize any major repairs on this vehicle because it has already been reported stolen. However, the owners would appreciate it if the Kahuna could check the oil, tire pressure and washer fluid, since Team Subaru won't have the car back in the pit until it makes a few more laps around the northeast.

CP requests that Kahuna hack into MP's e-mail and print out her insurance card and place it in the glove box.


M- said...

Babba--the Kahuna and Mr Di have their heads under the hood as I type.

Are you breaking out in a cold sweat?

D- said...

Driver to pit-crew:
Tranny giving out... its starting to over rev between shifts when cold.
....Glad you fired that bum who damaged the pulley. That last pit stop reveled premature wear on the serpentine belt.

....We gotta work on that seat heater... feels like the hot sun is smokin my backside.

.....Whoa.... hey pit crew.... rear binders are making noise. It's getting harder to slow down for the hairpins.....

Babba-Gi said...

The heated seats make me think I've "pooped a noodle". Subaru brakes last only about 24 K miles; especially with Marianne Andretti. There has been a lot of slop in the tranny when cold for years. The piston slap is normal for high mileage boxer engines. I see a blown head gasket and fried catalytic converter in the Subie's future.