Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You gotta have skills!

Well Babba's on another forced vacation. If I'm not on my way to Vegas than I'll be home working on my condo. I painted my office a nice color called "Arabica Taupe". It is the perfect color to cover the coffee stains from the previous tenant. I think the previous occupant was an English major that hurled cups of coffee at the wall when she experienced writers block. The Kilz brand paint covered in one coat and it looks delicious.

The only room left to paint is the big four car garage I call a living room. I knew it would be a challenge but I thought I'd handle it with my "over the hill" technique. This entails breaking the projects into small pieces and dragging it out a few days longer. CP wouldn't hear it. She said I couldn't handle the fifteen foot vaulted ceiling. I would have to rent a 10 foot ladder or a Bakers Scaffold to do a good job. CP has denied me a great project here. She hired a painter from the Feed and Seed. So tomorrow I have to disappear for the day so "Dan in Real Life" can paint the hangar. I call him that because he s a single guy with two teenage daughters.

Now I did do some of the prep work. I moved the two fish tanks into the center of the room and I took off the face plates and patched the holes and cracks. So now I just have disappear for the day and enjoy my vacation. Well, I'll always have my beautiful taupe office to spill coffee in.


Aunt Dot said...

You've *got* skills. Now take a much-deserved break and let your wife do the hiring :-)

D- said...

Let the painter do his work. You're not a kid any more. One fall off that ladder and you'd have to accompany MA down the aisle in a wheel chair.

Now that you've painted the "office" a coffee color, does it smell like a fresh brew?

Hannah said...

"Chicks only dig guys with skills!"