Saturday, April 25, 2009

No, that's not a Mercedes Benz

I decided to use my Topsider to change the oil on my 93 Oldsmobile. Oldsmobiles were cars actually made in the USA before Obama made us "Citizens of the World". I looked it up and it was almost a year ago that I discovered that Speedy Lube & Tune had stripped my oil drain plug. In this year I only accumulated 2,400 miles on my little jaunts to work and the store. I didn't want to take a chance on that aftermarket plug working a second time. Besides, I didn't have any replacement plastic crush washers which those plugs require.

My Topsider dip stick oil changer is left over from my boating days. The dip stick in the Old's is too narrow for the original drain hose. However, I was able to use an "intubating stylet" from work to reach through the narrow tube into the crankcase. (I spend a lot of time at working trying to think up real-life use for all this expensive medical crap.) The stylet is just a long flexible tube that you put in a patient's trachea to guide the breathing tube into the windpipe. It's only rarely needed; mainly for my special patients who arrive for surgery without their chins or with toucan-like overbites. This is how Mercedes-Benz dealers change their oil. I needed CP's help to pour the oil into the container for recycling. I can never do a job completely by myself. You can see the picture of us in the front yard bending over pouring motor oil in next month's issue of "Condo Life".

Well, it took a little longer with the narrow stylet (25minutes) to suck out 4 quarts of used oil. I added 4 qts. of Wal-Mart High Mileage 5w30 and I'm good for another year. The last time I used Ford's Motor-Craft Synthetic Blend Oil. I think it caused the seals to leak a bit.

I want to keep my Olds till the Obama regime is over. Besides, I enjoy it when young people ask me, "What kind of car is that?" I reply, "It's your father's Oldsmobile."


M- said...

Another classic post!

D- said...

Brother-in-law,you are a scream!You have me here smiling and shaking my head!
When I saw the first picture I thought for a second you were installing one of those homemade hydrogen gas misers.
By the time Obama gets off the throne, people will not understand what antique you'll be driving. Add to that the Pontiac brand from Governmental Motors.

Marianne said...

This is so funny, especially the "condo monthly" line! I'm sure you were the talk of the circle for a day!