Saturday, August 07, 2010

Urban Family To The Rescue

Bruno is not your usual dog. Bruno is a foundling, or better yet, a drop off. It seems our little neighborhood is known for its kindhearted animal loving single older women. A few years ago Bruno was dropped of in doggy Nirvana and nursed back to health by Sandy our next door neighbor. Sandy had to go to D.C. for her daughter's bridal shower so Bruno needed to be taken care of. Since Bruno is a rescue, Sandy wouldn't consider boarding him; he may suffer from P.T.S.D. if placed in a cage.

However, Sandy has a joint custody agreement with her friend Mike concerning Bruno's ownership. This makes it easy because Mike can step up and take care of their boy for the few days that Sandy is in D.C. Now Mike has had a few major heart attacks this year and has miraculously staved off the grim reaper. No sooner does Sandy's plane land at Reagan Airport than Mike is admitted to the V.A. Hospital with CHF. This could be a major catastrophe, except that on the way to the V.A. Mike calls Carol and punts Bruno's care to her. Bruno's care is quite an elaborate system of walks, treats, verbal assurances, commands, rituals and rewards.

Carol, faced with this crisis, mobilizes the urban family. Ruth, Marsha, and herself all go over Bruno's care-plan and divide the work. Bruno is now enjoying the love and care of three women. Sandy is able to enjoy her time in D.C. knowing that the special man in her life is being taken care of royally. And Mike---has anyone bothered to see how he is doing in the V.A.?


M- said...

From a man's point of view, this is just hilarious.

From the dog's point of view, it's heaven.

From Carol's point of view, it's work.

goober said...

And from the point of view of one Kahuna and his offspring, there are three other options: Give the dog some chocolate; one shot to the head; let the dog loose and run it over.

D- said...

...Option #4:
Have Carol lovingly care for the dog.