Friday, July 30, 2010

There is a Real Nut on the Psych Ward

Working on a locked Psychiatric Unit has its benefits. You get to see a microcosm of life. Most of the patients are frequent fliers. They come in to dry out, detox, get their meds adjusted, find a drinking buddy or a new squeeze, score, get the cops off their backs etc. To most the ward is a place to relax and take a break from their crazy lives.

When a real crazy comes in it really upsets the therapeutic milieu. If the patients wanted chaos they could have stayed home. Case in point: take Annie Psycho who comes into a small hospital psych ward where the most excitement is a botched suicide attempt once a month. Annie is about 5' 10'' and weighs about 250 lbs. Annie comes into the dining room and collapses and throws her dress up over head revealing all, including a huge gall bladder scar. The rest of her shtick mainly consisted of throwing chairs and trays and sofas. Her best performance came when she wrested a cop's service revolver away from him as he was dropping off a new guest. Well, she shot the place up and then was tackled and hauled off to the Big-House. The next day gun safes where installed at the door to the unit. However, for the next few days there wasn't enough Thorazine, Valium or Haldol in the house to calm down our usual crazies.

This is the problem with the economy, we perceive that there is some real mental illness running our government. Until we start to see something that resembles sanity from the Feds we are all hiding under our desks waiting to see some semplance of normalcy. Capital has gone on strike, and it's not coming back out to the Day-Room until the real crazies are gone

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