Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Of Rage In Asheville

Now that the nation realizes that Obama is an empty suit and that the government can't create anything of value the masses are declaring Islamic Rage Days. Rage is such a great metaphor. It's like like being pissed off on steroids. It's what happens when people put their trust in the smartest guys in the room.

The country is broke, the states are broke, the cities broke. All these people marching in Wisconsin don't get it. They killed the golden goose with greed. They thought working twenty years then retiring at forty with 80% of your salary with full health benefits was based in reality. This is the mentality that reduced GM into a retirement community and an HMO with a small subsidiary that makes mediocre cars.

It's time to admit that "this dog won't hunt".
At best Obama is a malevolent buffoon; at worst he is an evil genius attempting to reduce our country to a third world banana republic. The barbarians are inside the gates. The fact that we are broke is the stubborn truth won't go away. Wealth is created by by working people going out every day and busting their hump for ten hours. Wealth isn't created by bureaucracy, and prosperity won't flow from. the mouth of the Potomac.

I'm going to enjoy my day of rage southern style, with sunshine, good music and friends. Let the government employees rage Arab style, They are just further alienating the golden goose, the taxpayers.


UF said...

Couldn't agree more.

Aunt Dot said...

I was thinking the same thing, Frank :-)

M- said...

This week my Principal turned the conference request of 2 teacher aides. The conference included classes in line dancing and yoga. Their union rep took it upon herself to ask why. "Not only does this conference not support the educative strategies we are using, the taxpayers of this District wouldn't be happy to hear about conferences attended with line dancing classes." The reps response: The District never use to mind us having a little fun."

I don't have the right not to join the union in this state. I joined the local union in an attempt to not upset the hierarchy while I did my little job. I'm quitting it as soon as I can. I've yet to see anything of value come from it.

I hope every one of those teachers that called in sick last week gets docked their pay. They should ask the airline controllers of the 80s what it feels like to be fired.

Babba Gi said...

You are in the teachers union?

I have NO sister-in-law!

M- said...

Not the teacher's union, but the clerical support union--a sister to it. Like I said, I couldn't NOT join it in this state.

BTW, Babba, I saw this on a friend's profile page and thought you'd might like to choke on it:

"I am a public employee. I am not the problem. Our retirement fund lost billions in wall street speculations that went awry. I followed the rules. Your community's teachers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, child welfare, street, highway workers & others are NOT the enemy. We live here, pay taxes, work hard & are trying to support our families, too. If you are a public employee and agree, copy and repost"

How many problems with that logic can we find?

Babba-Gi said...

It used to be that a civil service job was a place that people went for job security, benefits and low wages. Now they have complete security, high wages and cradle to grave benefits. Most people who went into civil service weren't motivated by money and valued security more. They worked boring jobs for low pay with a great retirement (sort of like the military without the bullets and the travel). It's just whatever suits a person.

My job if it was in the V.A. Hospital would pay 40% of what I make in the private sector. It's a 7-to-3 job, no call you do two cases a day and retire after 20 years. Instead I chose fifty hours a week, often worked past midnight and spent a third of my life on call have no retirement and no job security. Maybe today the V.A. would be the smarter choice. When I looked into the VA around 1981 the application was thirty pages long and since I couldn't account for every two-week period of my life since high school I never gave it a second thought.

My experience with unions have been with the Teamsters and AFL-CIO. They were both totally corrupt and wanted nothing to do with me after I was laid off. I wonder, can you claim a religious exemption if joining a union is contrary to your faith?

I think the public unions should get everything they ask for; then we'll see what they say when their paychecks bounce.

M- said...

I've got the low wages. The benefits are unbelievably good (I pay for 10% of my health care premium). The benefits I know are on a fast track to being history, so we're putting away as much as we can now. Next year's budget being worked over now, all other things being zeroed out, will automatically increase by $5,000,000 because of contractual agreements.

I have no security though. I'll be the first one out the door in June if the staff is cut and no attrition.

People who have made a lifetime career in the public sector are CLUELESS to the ebbs and flow of business. They have a steady paycheck. They have benefits. They are basically asleep in a gorged state.

D- said...

Hopefully, the legislators, who are advocating fiscal responsibility, will stand strong against the violent screams of the piglets who're being pulled off the depleted government sow.
BTW....Are you going for a relaxing Southern drink as well??