Saturday, February 05, 2011

Just Say No

Temptation takes many forms. Just as King David was walking on his roof when he spied Bathsheba, I was reading in my yard when a neighbor came over and propositioned me. It seems her boyfriend had died and she was wanting to sell his 2000 Cadillac DeVille. Since I was a great admirer of her 1998 Lincoln Town Car she assumed I had a soft spot for ten year old Detroit steel. Now these North Carolina senior citizens cruisers are well kept. They are garage stored and are driven to church, grocery stores, restaurants and the Blue Ridge Parkway. After having a 93 Olds Cutlass Supreme this would be a step up. Also, the Olds needs a muffler and the A/C is broken. There isn't enough deodorant for me to drive that car without air conditioning this summer: I'll turn into a human corn-dog. So the A/C may be the terminal event for the Olds unless it's a cheap fix.

This car has the last great engine to come out of Detroit. That Northstar V-8 puts out 300 h.p. That's twice as much as the V-6 in the Cutlass. I can just imagine CP and I rolling down I-40 in this flying couch.

I summoned all my strength and told my neighbor it didn't make sense with the price of gas going to $5/gal. I said this while inwardly I was lusting after luxury.

In college my roommates discussed what the point of no return was while on a date. To our chagrin one of the guys said his point of no return was when he "picked up the phone". I'm sitting here wanting to call my neighbor up and ask her what the price and the mileage are on the Caddy. After all, like real estate in a retirement area death can be a major factor in used car sales. I have gotten a 73 Olds Delta 88, a 95 Olds 88 and my present 93 Olds Cutlass from dying patients. I knew a nurse in Hospice and referred to it as Hospice-Motors.

I'm curious as to the mileage on the Cadillac. Maybe I'll just call up my neighbor... get behind me Satan!


UF said...

Ha! Awesome.

Marianne said...

how much? we need a second car :-)