Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gag Me

About once a month I swoop down on Sam's Club and make a surgical strike to get dozen or so household staples. This time I mistakenly picked up April Fresh Downy. I didn't notice the fine print and the floral bouquet on the label. However, I did notice that my towels smelled like a baby's butt wrapped in lilac. So I returned it to Sam's a month later and got "clean breeze", which seemed to be the least offensive. Wrong, a week later my quilt still smells like a box of dryer sheets. The fabric softener aisle resembles a display for Yankee Candles; spiced apple, vanilla, pumpkin spice, almond creme, lavender serenity etc.

So it's off to Sam's next week to return a second jug of scented Downy. Now I discovered that Downey makes a softener without dyes or scents. It's called Downy Free and Sensitive and it's sold at Wal-Mart. Yep, those two words describe Babba perfectly: Free & Sensitive.


M- said...

You don't use the full amount on the directions do you? I use maybe 1/4 of what they say. CB should listen up.

Babba-Gi said...

That depends on whose clothes I'm washing, mine or CP's. I like my jeans and towels soft. I would use dryer sheets except that I dry my jeans on a stretcher. I refuse to buy Levi's with more than a 36" waist.

Aunt Dot said...

Sensitive I would agree...but free? I would ask A.C. about that!

D- said...

Nothing like crawling into bed and smelling those freshly washed sheets!
A little perfume goes a long way!