Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bird Dog

Bo always keeps us on our toes. Usually when he is quiet for a long time he's up to no good. Yesterday when he was in the yard in the heat for 10
minutes without barking to come in, I got suspicious. Carol goes to let him in and screams "he's got something in his mouth!" Well, he had a dead bird. It wasn't some little sparrow either. It was some young buzzard or something. Bo was in his glory, getting in touch with his feral self while we were trying to pry his mouth open and get the bird out. Of course his one inch long incisors wouldn't let go so we tried shaking him back and forth like a cocktail shaker. We then tried the old trick of throwing down a dog biscuit, but he wasn't going to let go of his bird for a piece of dry sawdust. Finally, we got it out of his mouth and picked it up guts and all. It was just the excitement we needed at 9 pm.


Mrs. Gi said...

What's this "we", Kemo Sabe???

Aunt Dot said...

Exactly, Mrs. Gi :-)

D- said...

Finally!! Bo is starting to earn his pay! The next thing he'll try is rolling in something very dead. Dogs must think its "Old Spice" or something.

David said...

Did Bo catch and kill the bird or did he just pick up and already dead bird?

And, Mom, I didn't know that Marianne got the "who's this 'we', Kemo Sabe" line from you.