Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grill Baby Grill

We can argue about anything. Case in point, our cruddy old gas grill. The vaporizer bar which I replaced along with the burner assembly a year ago rusted and vaporized. Also, the universal cooking grate that I replaced for a second time is starting to rust away. Now the old grill looks like hell no matter how much I clean it, so I'm considering the cost of:
new burner $18
vaporizer bar $19
cooking grate $12
S&H $13
Total $62

For me that's a no brainer, order the parts. Especially since there is no sales tax. For CP however, buying a new one for $99 makes sense. Then I realize it would be good to have a second tank. It seems like it always runs out of gas when I'm cooking a steak. However, in the last six years the LP tank is no longer included with the grill. A full second tank costs $42 at Lowe's, so I'll have to shop around.

I went to Wally's and wasn't impressed with their Red Chinese gas grills. Especially since they were already getting rusty from being outside. So I went to Lowe's and got the clone of the Char-Broil cheapie we already have. I wasn't being a CB, I just don't need a four burner grill that can cook forty burgers and make two side dishes.

Well, I chopped up the old one after cannibalizing the good parts. Hopefully the new one will last more than five years. I keep it covered and we do use it all year round so I don't know what else I can do (short of using it in the house) to keep it from rusting. I hope our picky garbage man doesn't notice the heavy green bag shaped like a grill in our can.

In Maryland we had a couple of classic grills. I had to stake them to the ground because we lived on windy mountain top. Occasionally I would find it laying on the ground and the burgers in the grass. I also strategically placed it by the dryer exhaust to give my meat that that mellow Downy Fabric Softener taste. One of them was so rusted it collapsed when I threw a steak on it.

The new grill has this chain that is suppose to somehow attach to the tank. I'm not exactly how it is supposed to attach and what its purpose is, but I'm sure there is a lawyer involved somewhere. Hopefully it will last awhile. I do have a spare burner whenever that one rusts out. I should just baste my burgers with WD-40.

What is Bo going to do without a greasy grill to lick?


goober said...

The closest I'll ever come to owing a grill is the Coleman I have for camping.

David said...

I'll stick with my Webber charcoal grill for $85. It never rusts.

How is Bo handling the new grill? During the summer, half his diet is the grease pan.