Monday, January 02, 2012

Iowa Is Just A Four Letter Word........Dumb

I'm so tired of this Iowa Caucus. The Iran War has started, civil war has started in Nigeria, Iran is threatening to blockade the Strait Of Hormuz and our beloved Caliph wants to borrow another 1.3 trillion.

A caucus is a group of people that meet and argue for their candidate until the rest of the group gets exhausted and goes home. What kind of a way is this to pick a candidate? It reminds me of a Yankee Candle Party without the passion. We are so worried about access to the polls for minorities and illegals, but how many of those are going to get an invitation to the neighborhood block party? How much intimidation can one suffer at the hands of the mini-mob? It's much more intimidating to show your driver's license to a poll-worker. I'm so tired of 23 hours of caucus news coverage that I'm tempted to vote for Huntsman. He's the the only one with enough testosterone to tell them corn-shucking ethanol subsidized yahoos where to go.

In the meantime I'm just consoling myself by doing demotivational posters of the Iowa Republican nominees.


Aunt Mary said...

Keep the posts coming, Babba. I can't do another election without some diversion.

D- said...

When are these clowns going to mention how they would "correct" the trade imbalance with China. I like what Trump said about it. Place tariffs on their imports forcing American companies back to the US.

goober said...

Tariffs bite the hand of the instigator. Forcing companies back home before fixing the political reasons why they left in the first place is a non-sequitur...and so is Trump.

D- said...

Did I just hear Steve Urkel yelling to give the politicians a long deep swirly?