Saturday, January 14, 2012

Silly Books and Large Breasts: I Hate Them Both

After starting the second book of the "Hunger Games Trilogy", I've given up on it. I know it was highly recommended, but it has the fatal flaw of being silly. Next I read about fifty pages of "The Art Of Racing In The Rain." I gave up on that, too. It was also recommended, but it seemed to be a lot of New Age pablum written in the fourth-person: the family dog. Plus, it seemed silly in this age of Obama fascism.

I needed a break from all this gloom so I decided to read the second book in the Calvin Becker Trilogy, "Saving Grandma." The first book, "Portofino" I totally enjoyed.
I'd always rather have a book and I have Amazon Prime so shipping is free. However, it was $1.80 cheaper on the Kindle. So, since I wanted to read on this chilly weekend (22 degrees) that I'm on some imaginary back-up call because the anesthesiologist is 35 week pregnant, I purchased the Kindle book. After two chapters I'm glad I got it. The only problem is that CP doesn't like sharing her Kindle with me. Just because I accidentally turn on the wireless and returned a book to the library that she had waited three months for is no reason to get stingy with her Kindle.

Is it possible to find a chicken breast that isn't that isn't a 44-triple-D? What is this, "The Hens Of Orange County?" They take forever to cook and one is no longer just enough for one person. Plus, they're tough. Every once in a while I get one that seems to be made by Michelin. Somewhere out there, there must be a flock of flat-chested chickens. I understand that things always get bigger (today's Subaru Forester was yesterday's Outback) but with other things I can always trade down a model. When it comes to poultry bigger isn't better and just because you can breed a flock of feathered Dolly Partons, that doesn't mean you should. Someone should introduce a line of small tender, juicy, succulent chicken products; they can name it Emo-Chicken.


Aunt Dot said...

Ha! Good one, Babba. I also *hate* big chicken breasts. They are all that you said they were -- including a bunch of tasteless meat. Smaller is "betta."

Aunt Mary said...

I needed this read in wintry Upstate. You've rescued my soul.

D- said...

LOL W/tears! Wegman's carries roaster chickens all cooked and ready to eat for $5. Delicious!
Next thing they'll have is pin-up calendars showing those chickens without their feathers.

Aunt Annie said...

My solution to the big breast problem is to buy tenders. They're just the right size.

Ditto on Saving Grandma!

Have you read his memoir yet? I'd love to hear what you think of that!

Babba-Gi said...

Grandma had to be Polish. After reading those two duds I needed something with REAL characters. Ben read one chapter and then bought the trilogy.

I find chicken tenders too dry. Somehow they are even dry in a casserole. CP roasts the breast before she puts them in a recipe. They seem more tender and juicy.