Monday, January 02, 2012

Welsh Pre-Wash Cycle

Bo does his part to help out in the kitchen (our dishwasher needs all the help it can get). In fact he gets really impatient if the dishes aren't cleared in a timely manner. Tonight I noticed that when I put a drippy plate in rack and the gravy dripped on the door he pushed the rack in to reach the gravy on the door. Then I stuck the greasy pan in the back of the washer and he pulled the rack out to lick it. Maybe I should get him a stepladder and let him just stand at the sink and do the dishes.

I hope this doesn't dissuade any of our dinner guests from coming back again.


D- said...

I can't blame Bo... Carol's cooking is GREAT!

aannie said...

only if those are the clean dishes in the picture