Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas In What Feels Like July

 There's nothing like a Christmas parade when it's seventy degrees out to get you into the Christmas Spirit. The Feed & Seed house band took to the Buncombe Turnpike to play in the Fletcher Christmas Parade. In the past our float has been beset by many problems: flat trailer tire, stalled tractor and a substitute tow car that thought he was a NASCAR driver and got the float rolling along at forty mph. 

This year in an attempt to bring the hillbilly wall of sound to the crowd we had an amplifier on the the float. Sometimes you just have to amp it up, to be heard over the din of the Fletcher crowd. Since a portable generator doesn't exactly beat out three-quarter time our amp was powered by a 12 volt truck battery which almost lasted for the half mile of the parade route.

Babba's drum is instrument-non-grata in a blue grass band I stayed at the Feed & Seed and kept the hot coffee coming for our guests. An hour later traffic was busy buzzing down the old Buncombe Turnpike and Christmas officially started in Fletcher.

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