Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lars And The Real Bird

Sometimes, you can't tell if you're watching a TV commercial or SNL.   It used to be if you were talking to an imaginary pet you were found in the day room eating the checkers.  Everyone knows a real parakeet isn't a labor intensive pet.  All you have to do is fill the water, fill the feeder and pull out the tray and insert the editorial section of the New York Times. For some, however, this is just too much commitment, too much responsibility.  If you have a mechanical pet and you're not a toddler, reality eludes you.  At least an inflatable woman can get you into the HOV-LANE.  That's all I have to say right now, it's time to wind Bo up and take him for a walk.

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D- said...

....Just 4 easy payments of $14.95 and you can have your own mechanical bird. Just include $10.95 for shipping and handling with your order.