Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Days Wages For A Gallon Of Gas

Well, panic has lead to a senior citizen run on the gas stations. The whole inventory for western North Carolina is sitting in the tanks of a thousand Crown Victoria's and Grande Marquis. I wouldn't care except I'm flying out of Spartansburg S.C. tomorrow. I saved $200 on our tickets but the 140 mile round trip will probably cost me that much in gas. If I flew out of Asheville I could have gotten there by bicycle. The price of gas was going up 10 cents an hour all day and finally stopped when everyone ran out. I hope there is gas for my plane. I hate to think of us taking off with the little gas tank warning light blinking in the cockpit. It's almost reached hysterical proportions. People are sitting outside their cars with shotguns to scare off the siphoners. Well, I have to go run a trip wire around my Honda's. I think this is going to be one slow holiday weekend. Time to go and call the church. I need them to send the van so I can go to Weds. night service.


matthew said...

hey i have now a blog so i can be included in the family!

Anonymous said...

so your church should provide gas for you? that doesn't seem like it would be included in their responsibilities.