Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dog Agility part Deaux

Just a little more Dog Agility pictures. I guess all breeds are eligible. Could you imagine Simba walking a plank or Daisy laying down on anything but a couch.

How about a Wife Agility course. Perhaps a Husband Agility course. Let's see open a beer, change a channel, run to the can , jump over the shoe pile, throw the pizza in the microwave, check e-mail, and return to the recliner before the commercials are over. Let the dog time us.


Anonymous said...

You must be board to death without any snow to shovel and cuss at. But, then again, We, in Western New York, haven't had the snow either. A dog show??? Nah!!! I'll pass!

Aunt Dot said...

Hey, BG, your dogs weren't as popular as one might have thought! If Jo Jo had seen these, she would have been ooing and ahing all over the place!