Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dog Agility

So what do you do on a sunny 64 degree January day in Fletcher? You go to the dog agility show at the Equestrian Center about a mile from our house. At the entrance there is a sign that says "No Dogs Allowed". It was hard to get good action shots because "No Flash Allowed". My one accidental flash brought the wrath of the announcer down on me quicker than a Border Collie jumping through a hoop. It was free and it was a nice way to spend a few hours. It was more funny watching the trainers run around trying to lead their dogs up teeter-toters and though tunnels and down slides etc.

Some dogs raced around like bullets and other dogs just sauntered through course. A few just wandered off into the stands or over to the judges to be petted. The Manchester Terriers just glided through the course like gazelles and the Border Collies raced through the course like Lassie on crack. Without a flash they just appeared as a blur in my pictures.

Simba would have been great in this competition. Once she jumped out of a 9 inch square pick-up truck camper window. But there were no Rottwiellers in the competition. All that was needed was para-mutual betting to make it even more thrilling.

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Marianne said...

Simba could also "go find blue bone" when it had been hidden out of her sight in another room. She'd poke into all of the cushions and under all of the stuff until she found it. That's smarts, not so much agility.
Border collies are the original "Dog is Nuts"