Thursday, January 26, 2006

End of the Spear

Well, I did something unusual for me. I went to the movies during the week. I just couldn't wait til the weekend to get away from the blood and gore which is my job. I saw the promo's for this movie and did recall the story being part of a dozen or so sermons I'd heard. So off we went to Hooterville to catch the 4:15 show.

It was really a pretty good production considering the small independant company that made it. It wasn't about missionaries going around putting clothes on people. And it didn't show missionaries bringing disease and greed to an angelic group of savages that didn't understand concepts of property and gender roles. It did show a group of naive missionaries going to a group of rain forest indians that were destroying themselves with family vendettas that would put a Sicilian to shame. There was a little bit of hokiness at the end when they did a scene with spirits rising to heaven that reminded me of the movie Ghost. I have to give it four stars. It was much better than the tripe that usually passes for Christian Cinema. This movie is not for children since it does have some graphic violence. A lot of the cast gets speared like green olives at a cocktail party.


Aunt Dot said...

Even without this excellent review I can tell by the title and the attached pic that this movie isn't for me! ,,,a guy flick!

Babba-Gi said...

Nada, nada, the patron saint of chick flics and "turn of the century episodics", the owner of three different versions of "Pride and Prejudice" AC loved it. So what if Mr. Darcy has a plate in his lip. Plus half the proceeds go to help the indigenous people of the rain forest; my people.

Aunt Dot said...

Okay, if AC loved it, then I might be open!

BTW, ask U.F.: I am actually a guy type movie lover. Although, I like "period costume" movies and he doesn't. His continuing mantra is: "No period costume movies."

I can't stand most "romantic comedies."

He likes documentaries and I don't have the patience for most.

I love most musicals. I think I saw Chicago at least 3 times. (in the movie theatre).