Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our Gnomes had a litter

We have four new little gnomes in the yard. Their purpose is to support a large potted plant one of our neighbors got us as a house warming gift. It's now official, the whole development knows we moved 50 yards down the street. The two Honda Elements in the drive way are a dead give away. It was 91 degrees today so I guess I can take the scraper out of the car. We have just about finished moving. It wasn't that bad. I just hauled most of the stuff up the hill on a hand truck. It was me doing my impersonation of a Hebrew slave. We had some help with some big things like the double recliner couch from hell. Some friends from church came over with a large Penske truck they were using to move the pastor and his mother in-law. We were done moving our stuff in about 45 minutes. Then we spent about 3 hours moving the pastor's stuff. We had to hump a deep freeze out of the church basement. I thought I was going to be crushed like a bug. Halfway up the stairs the door opened up and we discovered it was full of meat. Then there was a piano, a 300 lb. desk, a washer dryer combo that was leaking oil, a sleeper sofa and a 48 inch T.V. Assorted dressers loaded with stuff. I even think the washer had wet clothes in it. Compared to this experience our move was a cake walk.

Well we are settling in. Our living room is huge so our furniture doesn't begin to fill it up. We have about 12 feet of empty space behind our couch. Eventually I hope to get a blackjack table and mechanical-bull to put there. However, for this summer since Marianne no longer has a bedroom I'm going to take $100 from her tax return and get a pop up tent for her to stay in. I'll put an outboard motor in the corner so the smell will bring back thoughts of the Thousand Islands.


Marianne said...

Babba, you just made a whole room full of people laugh. We're sitting around watching The Ten Commandments, and they've told me that I can't behave like YOU.
Moses, Moses!
Thanks for the pup tent, man. Just me and the mosquiters!

D-55 said...

91 hot, sweaty, muggy, degrees???
UGH!!! How can you function?? I hope your AC is in top running condition! You'll melt away on us before we can get down to see you!

Are you getting Marianne a popup camper or a pup tent?

Do you think the Gnome Police would allow "Yankees" on your new property?

We missed having you here.