Monday, April 17, 2006

Respiro Profundo

That's means deep breath in Spanish. Since our country is about to merge with Mexico I need to learn Spanish. Our politicians don't have the will to deal with immigration reform. The same bunch of empty suits that gave us Social Security reform. Today I had taco c-section (another natural born undocumented citizen), then a burrito D&C ( this one got away), followed by a enchilada gall bladder. I have a 23 year old Guatemalan interpreter that follows me around. I need to go to Juarez for 6 weeks of Spanish language immersion. But then I'd lose my interpreter, and she's cute.

Being an old ratter from NYC I know that you have to plug up the holes and then deal with what's already in the house. NYC had just as many rats as Mexico has emigres. I'm not saying Mexicans are rats, don't misunderstand me. It's that all this guest worker, background check, stairway to citizenship is all a bunch of crap. We need to get control of the border and then deal with the mess that the politicians have ignored for thirty years. It's too late to deal with the problem now. A Canadian told me three years ago that Canada's immigration laws are turning it into a third world county; now I see what he meant. The best solution I have heard so far is to grant them citizenship, but withhold their right to vote if they originally entered the country illegally. Could you see the Dem's going for that?

Later this week I have a chile relleno penile implant. Your tax dollars at work. I'm on my way to Juarez to learn my new language. Perhaps I can get my teeth fixed there for half price. This border thing can go both ways. I will be back in six weeks. Does anyone want a leather jacket, swag lamp or sombrero? Asta Yamamma!!


Aunt Dot said...

I had a very busy day and I am beat -- but...I enjoyed your post.

Let's just say (wish I could be humorous like you) that I have a friend who was in her car and an undocumented alien ran a red light and flipped her car (with her underneath) and sped off. (This was a year ago). Bottom line: they did find the guy who did it, but couldn't prosecute him because he was from Mexico with no insurance or driver's license and, in addition, it happened in "the county of Orange" -- Sheriff territory -- not in a city...whatever that means. Anyway, her insurance covered her but if it had been one of us, we would have been charged with a felony for leaving the scene of the accident! This is just not right!!

Anonymous said...

The more I hear about the extent of this problem, the more I am astounded that it's been allowed to grow to such monstrous proportions. I heard last week that we had a "mini" problem when Reagan was in office. His solution was to also give citizenship. But when talking about a mere 3 million, that was merely a "blink." I guess kudos go to Clinton and Bush both for a. ignoring the problem, or b. getting some political favors from ignoring it? M-

D-55 said...

Como esta amigo! Me no comprendo inglase. (But you better give citizenship!!)

Welcome to the One World Socialist Government. As Americans, we've been following the European model for years and now we get experience the joy of its fruit. Not tasty to say the least! Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter, our politicians are Ostridges with their heads in the sand.

D-55 said...

...oops I forgot..... I want one of those great big sombrero hats, twin bullet belts (so I can wear them like a big X), a rifle, and one of those blankets with a hole cut in it so I can put my head through it! Charge it to the Federal Gov't.