Monday, April 24, 2006

Sony stuff is crap

Sorry about that last post. I only worked 3 days last week and I'm off this week and I consumed one to many Corona Light beers as part of the continuation of my Mexican theme. I prefer Mexican beer to Canadian beer; I think it's that little pinch of formaldehyde they add.

Well my bomb-proof Sony portable C-D player just died on me. I was lucky that my wife found the receipt and I was able to take it back to Wal-Mart. It was water- proof to 50 meters, shock-proof, heat resistant and had the the best anti-skip system available. I got this extreme sport model so I could take it kayaking. I figured that when I was sitting on the bottom of the shipping channel in the Thousand Islands with it strapped to my hand (it weighed 16 oz.) I could be listening to Jimmy Buffet while I drowned. When I checked the reviews on SHOPZILLA I found little comments like "stopped working after a week, piece of %$#@, heavy as a cast iron skillet" etc. I think Sony is just trying to coast on it's name. I have two Sony DVD-VCR combos and both of them act goofy.

Well that brings me back to using my refurbished 10 year old Overstock.Com Sony "Disc-Man". This has "Skip-Bo" technology. In order for it not to skip one must carry it next to ones ear on a velvet pillow like a cocktail waitress with a tray. If you carry it in your hoody pocket you will find yourself playing "Name That Tune". It doesn't have a hand strap, so if you hold it in your hand and grasp it any harder than you would a baby sparrow it stops playing. Well I have to use it for a week till my Panasonic CD-MP3 player arrives from Amazon. A lot of the new talking books are coming out on MP3 along with my Spanish lessons. When my new extreme sports (walking) state of the art player comes I'm going to take the Disc-Man out to the range and empty my 9mm into it. Now I have to go and read the reviews on the "Panasonic SW 967 Shockwave Water- Resistant Portable CD/MP3 Player with D. Sound Technology (Silver)".

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D-55 said...

"Was there a country of manufacture on the back of the unit. Like ... "China"???