Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Forecast According to Babba

I have had so much time off that I have taken a job doing the weather for channel 6 on the weekends. The weather has been nice, especially Friday when it was sunny and about 70 with a gentle breeze. We went kayaking. We also went to Charlotte to see the "Dead Sea Scrolls". They turned out to be a lot of real old Net-Flix return envelopes. I'm kidding. It was really interesting to see these 2000 year old scriptures. They were all tiny fragments about the size of a credit card. The writing on them was minute, almost like micro film. They were found in a cave about 60 years ago and no one was sure what they were. They even were for sale for awhile in the Wall Street Journal. Lucky they didn't have E-bay. They had the whole book of Isaiah and some apocryphal books and psalms, as well as commentaries. They even had a book that wrote about the Nepthilium. Those are the giants from the book of Genesis. Well, they hid the scrolls in caves in clay jars. You can imagine what their bill will be from the storage facility. Let's see 8 by 6 cave, climate controlled for 2000 years; mucho denaro. They really had a respect for the word of God back then. Not like today where the Bible gets used for a doorstop.

I got my new Panasonic CD player and it really does have a better sound than the Sony. We went up to see Ben for an afternoon. Nice day trip; 620 miles. My little red Honda Element averaged 29 mi/gal and that was going 69 mi/hr. Of course everyone was passing me like I was standing still.

Tomorrow is Illegal Alien Strike Day. I will support their cause by not operating on any illegals on Monday. If they need a c-section or are bleeding to death and need a D&C they will have to wait till Tuesday; till the big rally is over. I'm so incensed I'm going to buy a weed whacker and clear my own tiny yard. I have already given up eating out and eating meat so I shouldn't miss the busboys and meat packers.

The gas prices will stabilize at $3 a gal. In the meantime just stay home. No more Sunday afternoon drives up the parkway. Plan your trips, inflate your tires to 45 psi, short shift your 5 speed and coast down the hills. North Carolina just launched its first State Lottery and guess what, it's a flop. After spending $30 to fill up your Geo Metro you don't feel like throwing a few bucks away on a stupid scratch n sniff lottery ticket. Did you realize that your chance of winning the lottery stays the same whether or not you buy a ticket? That's why they call it the red neck IRA.


U.F. said...

Hey Babba, I was going to go hang out with the demonstrators today, but I was afraid of the parking situation, so I bailed out. I was going to go to represent the Italian immigrant community. I was trying to think of an appropriate sign. Maybe "A la faccha tooey!" or, "Va Napoli!"


Anonymous said...

What's with the weanies in Washington? There is a word in the American language banks. Must be they've never heard of it.

de·por·ta·tion (dpôr-tshn, -pr-)
1) The act or an instance of deporting.
2) Expulsion of an undesirable alien from a country.

Seems the "melting pot" has acquired a lot of slag and needs to be cleaned out.

Great pic by the way! "Just tune into WBAB for your local weather at six and eleven." : )


Anonymous said...

too funny, u.f.! M-

u.f. said...

Check this out..

u.f. said...

Woops. Sorry about that. Here it is again in a shorter URL.

Check this out...pretty funny