Sunday, July 02, 2006

1000 Islands

We have returned! Just a quick 900 mile trek down I-81. We did see a little flooding south of Binghamton and the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg was like a lake instead of the usual Rio Grand wade across stream it usually is. Bo is fine, he seems a bit subdued. We stopped at the West Virginia Welcome Center on I-81. The traffic was so heavy that the rest stops were backed up. Here at the W.V. stop they had free coffee, sweet tea, cup-cakes, snicker-doodles, hot dogs and free bibles; almost heaven, West Virginia. I've included a picture of my Element between the semi's at the rest stop. My little rig was suffering from a bad case of "trailer envy". Here is a picture of the bottom of the river I took while doing an Eskimo Roll in my kayak. We went to the first Ganonoque Rib-Fest. It was more like a beer fest. Here is a picture of the huge crowd in front of the stage. I was hoping to see the lead guitar player do a stage-dive. The mayor of Ganonoque made an appearance in his electric scooter. We spend a few days kayaking lakes and small rivers because of a contrary wind on the Saint Lawrence. The fishing was great the first few days. I caught my first Pike. The fellow standing next to me was showing me how to hold a Pike. Unlike Large Mouth Bass they have teeth. He said "you just squeeze them behind the eyes and it paralyzes them". I tried the technique on my next Pike and I just squished his eye out.

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