Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Bo in the hood

At our fourth obedience class the gang-banger beagle jumped Bo. It wasn't pretty. He caught Bo's ear Mike Tyson style and there was blood everywhere. After reading Cesar Milan's (The Dog Whisperer) book I thought I could rehabilitate this beagle. It seemed like she and Bo were getting along better during the class. So to make a point I decided to walk by the beagle one last time with Bo as we were leaving. Bo hesitated (probably because he sensed the violence in the air) and I pulled him forward and then he got caught between the gang banger and myself and couldn't jump away. Of course it didn't help that the brain dead guy who owns the beagle didn't try to restrain his bitch. This elderly couple who look like a pair of alcoholics to me didn't seem too upset. Dogs such as this don't need obedience school they need rehabilitation: serious couch time. I was really upset and felt awful about using Bo as a therapy dog for Hannibal Lechter. I planned not to return to the class or perhaps transfer to another class. The next morning the teacher left a message for us to call or stop by the store. We stopped in to see her and she told us that psycho-dog was going to be expelled from the class and that he would finish his lessons with her in private. The teacher said that this dog had serious issues and the owners didn't seem to understand what their dog needed. Our Bo is such a gentle soul. I know he forgot the whole episode 5 minutes after it happened. I just need to get over it so Bo doesn't fixate on my negative energy and develop issues.


Marianne said...

Write a new post!

My old free internet connection is gone, but thankfully, some new person has moved in and is beaming out the blessed wireless waves!

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Snoopy" slept on the dog house too long dreaming of Mike Tyson's number one restaurant delicacy, "Ear".

Maybe a self defense school would be more appropriate for Bo.


Babba-Gi said...

Like his master; Bo is a "gentle soul". At least till some jerk cuts him off.