Saturday, July 22, 2006

Carolina Tid Bits

When it's 91 degrees out, it's a good time to update the blog. It has been 10 degrees above normal for about 10 days. I took Bo for a 3 mile walk at 6 am in the pouring rain just to get in some exercise. Bo just finished his third obedience class. As usual he was brown nosing the teacher. However, we had a transfer student (Border Collie) that showed him up in the timed sit and stay. The timid dog is now on Elavil so she isn't shaking as bad and the aggressive beagle is still the same. I'm no longer going to offer Bo to be his sparring partner. They also had a pet and owner portrait studio set up. I would have had my picture taken with Bo but I didn't think I could fit in the fox hunting outfit. Perhaps Bo and I would have looked good in front of the fake hearth. Me in my smoking jacket reading an Arthur Conan Doyle novel while Bo was at my feet munching on a rat. He did kill a snake this week in the backyard. After the photographer left I quickly grabbed Bo and jumped in front of the backdrop and Ben took our picture. I had Bo's nails clipped at PetSmart; it cost $8.00. I had to hold him and the groomer had one of his nails bleeding so next time I'll hold him and let Carol cut his nails. He was very good at my birthday party and was quite the ham. This would have been a disaster with Simba.

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