Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

When I arrived at the 1000 Islands I went directly to the Casino to change my greenbacks into fuzzy white owls and dead prime ministers. As I entered the casino a greeter came over and handed me a Father's Day present. It was a 25 foot tape measure. I still have my original Stanley tape measure from when I went to work for my uncle's dry-wall company in 1967. I have had to replace the mylar tape a few times; usually I would inadvertently cut it with a cross-cut saw. Now there are two problems with my vintage tape measure. One is the return spring has gotten weak after 39 years, and the other problem is that when you get to be my age you forget where you put everything and it's good to have two of everything. I have to give major snaps to the T.I. Charity Casino for this complimentary gift. Our church also has a little something for the Dads. Yep, a bookmark. They should take lessons from the Casino's on how to minister to the fathers. The chillin (children) went to I-tunes and made me up a couple of custom C.D.'s. Carol had the pleasure of listening to 18 hours of Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix, Laura Nero and Willie Nelson on the ride up.

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